Track record

  • 2022October 2022Sale of CubicEyes to Aareon

    We served as advisor to the shareholders of CubicEyes on the sale to Aareon. CubicEyes owns EyeMove, a marketing and customer relationship software (CRM) solution for investors, project developers and housing associations. EyeMove complements the digital platform of Osre, part of Aareon, enabling Osre to serve the entire real estate chain even better.
  • September 2022TOP Expertise & DP SURVEY GROUP join forces

    We served as advisor to the shareholders of Dutch survey agency TOP Expertise on the partnership with Belgian industry peer DP Survey Group. With the affiliation with DP Survey Group, both organisations are strengthening their position in providing expertise with regard to complex technical damages, on an international scale, in both maritime and non-maritime industries.
  • July 2022Sale of Gelders Forwarding to Scan Global Logistics

    We served as advisor to the shareholder of Gelders Forwarding on the sale to Danish forwarder Scan Global Logistics. Gelders Forwarding is a Dutch forwarder specialized in air, ocean and road forwarding services for a variety of industries. This acquisition helps Scan Global Logistics to gain an enlarged customer base and a strengthened position in air freight, particularly high tech industry.
  • July 2022Sale of Trivento to ilionx

    We served as advisor to the shareholders of IT service specialist Trivento on the sale to ilionx. Trivento makes fit-for-purpose solutions for mid-market organizations and has a strong specialization in solutions for core processes for which there is no standard software. The acquisition enables ilionx to strengthen its position on the Dutch market and expand its expertise in the field of complex integration and architecture issues.
  • June 2022Participation by Anders Invest Horizon Natuurvoeding

    We served as advisor to Anders Invest on the investment by its Food & Agri Fund in Horizon Natuurvoeding. Horizon Natuurvoeding produces and distributes organic nut butters, packaged nuts & southern fruits and syrups, including maple syrup, and sells organic nut butters under its own brands Horizon, Monki, Jori and Krekeltje. Especially for organic supermarkets and health food stores, and also for the food industry.
  • June 2022Quadrum Capital invests in software company Sigmax

    We served as advisor to Sigmax on the investment by Quadrum Capital. Sigmax develops software for complex social themes for parties active in urban development and safety, ticketing and enforcement in public transport, field services and the security industry. The collaboration with Quadrum Capital brings Sigmax extra strength to make its software solutions functionally broader and richer and to further grow Sigmax internationally.
  • April 2022 Participation by Anders Invest in Organic Flavour Company

    We served as advisor to the Food & Agri Fund of Anders Invest on the investment in Organic Flavour Company (OFC). OFC sells organic tea, herbs and spices through organic supermarkets and health food stores under the brand names iDo!, Cleo's and Natural Temptation, and trades in high-quality organic herbs and spices for the food industry. The partnership with Anders Invest stimulates OFC to realize its ambitions, to grow further and to realize more impact.
  • March 2022Devise and Topicus join forces

    We served as advisor to Devise on the sale of an equity interest to Topicus Zorg. Devise is an expert in the field of data analysis and capacity issues within emergency care. Through the partnership with Topicus, Devise can further realize its growth ambitions and serve its customers even better.
  • October 2021Savoire acquires Soap World and Soap & Gifts

    We served as advisor to investor Savoire on its first acquisition, Savoire has taken over soap factory Soap World and the Belgian Soap & Gifts. Soap World makes high-quality artisan soap in almost all shapes and product compositions, bath and scrub salts and scented bags. Soap & Gifts is a wholesaler in solid and liquid soaps, bath bombs and other gift items.
  • October 2021Family business HEGO sold to investor Globitas

    We served as advisor to the Gort family on the sale of HEGO to investor Globitas. HEGO is an international wholesaler and service center active in the trade and processing of stainless steel and aluminium. With the acquisition, Globitas gives a strong boost to HEGO's growth ambitions.
  • September 2021NL2i invests in construction company Vaessen

    We served as advisor to NL2i on the investment in Vaessen, market leader in the Netherlands in the development and realization of social real estate (sports, education and fire brigade). As an active investor, NL2i will use its sector-specific management experience to further build on the development and growth of Vaessen.
  • August 2021Collaboration Havatec with Rabo Investments

    We served as advisor to innovative manufacturing company Havatec on the collaboration with Rabo Investments. Havatec develops sorting, bunching and handling systems for the international horticulture and flower processing industry. With Rabo Investments as an equity partner, Havatec can enhance the international expansion and development of advanced technological solutions for the Agri & Food sector.
  • April 2021Sale of Prewest ICT and Prewest Services to Eazit

    We served as advisor to the shareholders of ICT & telecom company Prewest on the sale of 2 parts of their company to Eazit. The acquisition of the ICT services and the services in the field of telecom, internet and TV, enables Eazit - specialist in telephony, ICT, internet and network - to further expand its portfolio and geographic reach and focus on service excellence in the service to customers.
  • April 2021AVerest Capital invests in family business Zusss

    We served as advisor to AVerest Capital on the investment in family business Zusss. Zusss designs and makes various lifestyle and fashion items, including women's clothing, shoes, accessories, care items and items for in the house, such as tableware, textiles, throws, candles and vases. With AVerest Capital, Zusss enters a new growth phase, and will expand its assortment and broaden its target group.
  • March 2021Sale of Tech Bakery to investor MG Partners

    We served as advisor to one of the shareholders of Tech Bakery, specialist in information and communication technology for the healthcare sector, in the sale to investor MG Partners. Tech Bakery will be part of the Dutch IT Services group and contributes to MG Partners' buy-and-build strategy in this sector.
  • February 2021Sale majority stake in CloudNation to Uniserver Group

    We served as advisor to the remaining shareholders of public cloud specialist CloudNation in the sale of a majority stake to Uniserver Group. CloudNation and Uniserver join forces to become thé cloud specialist in the Netherlands, and together offer complete expertise in cloud services for Managed Service Providers, Independent Software Vendors and companies.
  • February 2021Management buy-out VanDoen Academie

    We served as advisor on the acquisition by Ruth Bartstra of all shares in VanDoen Academy, until recently one of the companies of Marcel den Daas. Ruth has been director of VanDoen Academy for many years and has successfully developed this company. She will continue VanDoen Academie independently.
  • January 2021Sale of Quest Innovations

    We served as advisor to the shareholder of Quest Innovations, leading developer of advanced fluorescence imaging cameras for the medical sector, in the sale to Olympus Medical Systems EMEA. The acquisition will allow Quest to further develop its advanced fluorescence imaging systems using special light that allow surgeons to see more and thus operate more safely than conventional imaging technologies, together with Olympus.
  • October 2020Sale of employment agency ErvarenJaren

    We served as advisor to the shareholder of ErvarenJaren, specialist in the secondment of experienced employees, on the sale to Nestor, the Belgian temporary employment group specialized in employees over 50 and retirees. This acquisition enables Nestor to fulfil its growth ambitions in the Dutch 50+ temporary employment market.
  • October 2020Sale of Klever Boor- en Perstechniek

    We served as advisor to the shareholder of Klever Boor- en Perstechniek on the sale to the Van Gelder Groep. With the purchase of Klever, a specialist in horizontal directional drilling and trenchless connections, Van Gelder is in a better position to meet the increasing needs of its customers for solutions that support the energy transition.
  • August 2020Buy-out co-shareholder Kekkila-BVB Australia

    We served as advisor to BVB on the buy-out of its Australian co-shareholder in Kekkila-BVB Australia. Kekkila-BVB Australia is part of the Finnish/Dutch Kekkila-BVB, the leading and most versatile European substrate producer.
  • July 2020AKILES acquires minority interest in Methis Consulting Group

    We served as advisor to the Belgian investment company AKILES on its investment in Methis Consulting Group. Methis Consulting is widely recognized in the Benelux as a leading expert in business management and regulations in the energy sector and public transport. AKILES is an ‘evergreen’ investment firm, which specializes in growth capital. AKILES will support Methis Consulting in the further growth of its organization.
  • July 2020NextGen Kinderopvang purchases Kinderopvang 't Stationnetje

    We served as advisor to NextGen Kinderopvang on the acquisition of Kinderopvang 't Stationnetje in Obdam. With this first acquisition NextGen Kinderopvang has started the development of its national childcare organization.
  • July 2020Sale of Promis Electro - Optics/PEO Radation Technology

    We served as advisor to PEO's shareholder on the sale of its Dutch and Belgian companies to a combination of investors including Eden Roc and new CEO Roland van den Bergh. As a specialist and niche player, PEO has built a strong market position in the fields of security screening, electro optics, radiation monitoring, radiotherapy and medical imaging QA/QC and serves the industrial sector, the medical sector, airports, governments, courts, prisons, warehouses and parcel services.
  • July 2020Investor AVerest Capital acquires 2 family businesses 

    We served as advisor to AVerest Capital on the acquisition of 2 family businesses, Arli Group and Hemsson, active in the field of trading products in and around the house, home & living, such as bedding, garden cushions, hand and kitchen towels, bathrobes, illuminated Christmas trees and candles. AVerest combines the companies which allows them to accelerate their international expansion.
  • June 2020Acquistion of Koel- en vrieshuis Gebr. van Langen

    We seved as advisor to logistics service provider Rien Montsma Transport on the acquisition of Koel- en vrieshuis Gebr. van Langen. This acquisition enables Rien Montsma Transport to expand its logistics services with refrigeration and freezing transports and to bring the high level of service to an even higher level. 
  • May 2020Demerger and internationalisation Smart WorkPlace

    We served as advisor to one of the founders on the demerger and internationalization of Smart WorkPlace. Smart WorkPlace is a knowledge platform for the development of smart, healthy and circular work environments. Two out of three shareholders continue with the current business (SWP). The third shareholder will focus on the development of Smart WorkPlace International (SWPi), specifically aimed at the international market. SWP and SWPi will complement and reinforce each other.
  • May 2020Sale of WeBlog Media

    We served as advisor to the shareholders of WeBlog Media on the sale to family business Pijper Media, known from inter alia Marie Claire, Nieuwe Revu en Lonely Planet Magazine. WeBlog Media is a successful online marketing company that specializes in creating, promoting and advertising online content. With this acquisition, Pijper Media is able to accelerate its digitization and increase the online exposure of its premium brands as a publisher and as an advertiser.
  • January 2020Sale of majority stake Win Equipment to Orkla

    We served as advisor to the shareholders of soft ice cream machine supplier Win Equipment on the sale of a majority stake to the Norwegian listed Orkla. Win Equipment will collaborate with Nic Nederland, supplier of soft ice cream and milkshake products and (also) part of Orkla. Through the collaboration, the knowledge center for soft ice cream in the Netherlands is formed and customers can be supported even better.
  • December 2019Sale of THE MAASTRICHT FORENSIC INSTITUTE to Eurofins

    We served as advisor to Maastricht University Holding and Verilabs on the sale of the strategic stake in TMFI to the life science multinational Eurofins. TMFI is the second largest Dutch service provider focused on forensic DNA testing and DNA kinship research. For the University of Maastricht, this sale is a successful result of its valorization activities, aimed at bringing "knowledge and expertise developed in Maastricht" to the market and creating new, structural and high-quality employment opportunities in the province of Limburg.
  • December 2019Marcel Nicolaas aquires Utrecht

    We served as advisor to Marcel Nicolaas on the acquisition of the shares in Utrecht from Meeting Masters. Seats2Meat focuses on operating conference and meeting centers, in particular facilitating meeting places for freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • December 2019Buy-out co-shareholder Twint group

    We served as advisor to the Twint family on the buy-out of its co-shareholder in the Twint group (formerly named Vaarboer & Twint). The Twint group operates a thriving company in the transport of goods by road, waste processing and recycling, staffing services and various construction activities.
  • December 2019Majority interest in Orcon and Thercon sold

    We served as advisor to the Dutch shareholder of the Dutch company Orcon and the Belgian company Thercon, major players in the ventilation systems for residential and commercial construction or (exclusive) distributor of the Fujitsu General brand in the air conditioning and heat pump sector. After having previously sold a minority interest to the French industrial Groupe Atlantic, the shareholders have now sold a majority interest.
  • October 2019Alles voor Afvallen acquires Dieet Support Nederland

    We served as advisor to Alles voor Afvallen, distributor and developer of weight loss concepts, on the purchase of Dieet Support Nederland, which adds a number of websites and a webshop for products for a healthy lifestyle to the business of Alles voor Afvallen.
  • August 2019Sale of FleetCollective to insurer Schouten Zekerheid

    We served as advisor to the shareholders of FleetCollective on the sale to insurer Schouten Zekerheid. FleetCollective is a collective for fleet owners, specially aimed at smaller (50 + cars) and medium-sized (up to approximately 1,000 cars) car fleets, which by its structure creates the same cost advantages as for larger car fleets.
  • July 2019Strategic cooperation SPGG and Kinderopvang Holding BV

    We served as advisor to Stichting Peuterspeelkamers Gemeente Geldermalsen (SPGG) when entering into a far-reaching strategic cooperation with Kinderopvang Holding BV. Through this collaboration, a powerful and stable player with more than 35 locations is created in the Betuwe.
  • July 2019Partou purchases Mimiko Kinderopvang

    We served as advisor to the largest childcare organization in the Netherlands, Partou, on the purchase of the Rotterdam-based childcare company Mimiko Kinderopvang. With the purchase of Mimiko Kinderopvang, Partou fulfils its wish to expand its presence in Rotterdam.
  • June 2019Sale of Bel Impex to Nederlandse MKB Participatiemaatschappij

    We served as advisor on the sale of a majority interest in Bel Impex to Nederlandse MKB Participatiemaatschappij. Bel Impex is a fast-growing Dutch importer and exporter of (exotic) vegetables, fruit and spices and is progressive from a social point of view. Bel Impex will further expand its market position through a buy and build strategy.
  • April 2019Sale Snijders Uitvaartzorg

    We served as advisor to the shareholder on the sale of funeral company Snijders Uitvaartzorg, an exclusive mourning centre in the middle of the country.
  • April 2019Sale of family business Sportcentrum Van Unen

    We served as advisor to the Van Unen sisters on the sale of their shares in Sportcentrum Van Unen to Blue Zone Holding. Former top judoka Marjolein van Unen and her sister Joyce van Unen have successfully expanded the sports center founded by their father in 1985 into a professional and leading sports center.
  • March 2019 Sale of family business Van Assendelft - Hollander Bogaert to private equity fund KeBek

    We served as advisor to family Van der Putten on the sale of the family business Van Assendelft - Hollander Bogaert (VAHB) to the Belgium private equity fund KeBek. VAHB is a leading wholesaler for accessories in camping, leisure, outdoor, garden and sports.
  • January 2019Buy-out co-shareholder Eureco Pharma

    We served as advisor to the shareholder of Eureco Pharma and Top Pharma on the buy-out of the other shareholder. Eureco Pharma imports and registers prescription medicines with a focus on the intramural (hospital) market and is committed to solving deficits.
  • November 2018 Sale of VoucherCompany to Nederlandse MKB Participatiemaatschappij

    We served as advisor to the shareholders on the sale of the Website of the year 2018, VoucherCompany, to Nederlandse MKB Participatiemaatschappij. VoucherCompany is a leading online provider of quality consumer products and will further expand its market position through a buy and build strategy.
  • October 2018Family business BVB Substrates merges with the Finnish company Kekkilä

    We served as advisor to BVB on the merger with Kekkilä to form the leading and most versatile European substrates producer with a turnover of 240 million.
  • September 2018Partou purchases Kinderopvang De Morgenstond

    We served as advisor to Partou on the purchase of the Amsterdam childcare business, De Morgenstond. Partou is the largest childcare organisation in the Netherlands.
  • July 2018Partou purchases the Beverwijk childcare activities of Brood & Spelen

    We served as advisor to Partou on the purchase of the Beverwijk childcare activities of Brood & Spelen Kinderopvang. This purchase enabled Partou to expand its activities in Beverwijk.
  • June 2018Participation in Frontline

    We served as advisor to the shareholders of Frontline on the sale of shares to the employees, as a result of which the company largely ended up in the hands of the employees and the board. Frontline designs, implements and manages contact centre solutions, for example with partners such as Genesys and Verint.
  • March 2018Investor Gremio Vitalis sells its 50% in Boix Europe

    In 2010 we served as advisor to the seller on the sale of 50% of its interest in Boix Europe, which is a supplier and installer of box positioning machines for, among others, the agri & food market, to its Spanish co-shareholder Boix Maquinara. In 2018 we also served as advisor to Gremio Vitalis on the sale of its remaining interest to Boix Maquinara.
  • October 2017Sale of Furore Informatica to Conclusion

    We served as advisor to the shareholders of Furore on the sale to Conclusion. Furore has 25 years of experience as an IT specialist in the healthcare sector and the scientific world and is one of the leaders in the care domain in terms of support for hospitals in the implementation of electronic patient dossiers.
  • October 2017Strategic participation by Groupe Atlantic in Orcon & Thercon

    We served as advisor to the Dutch and Belgian shareholders of Orcon and Thercon on the sale of a minority interest to the French company, Group Atlantic. Orcon is a key player in ventilation systems for residential and non-residential construction and Thercon is the exclusive distributor of Fujitsu General in the air conditioning and heat pumps sector.
  • June 2017Joint venture Royal FloraHolland with FloraXchange

    We served as advisor to Royal FloraHolland when it entered into a joint venture with FloraXchange to create a single digital platform for growers of flowers and plants in order to make the worldwide trade in the ornamental horticultural sector more accessible and more straightforward and to accelerate innovation.
  • May 2017Stichting Kinderopvang Heerhugowaard purchases De Keet Waarland

    We served as advisor to SKH on the purchase of the Waarland childcare business, De Keet. Based on its philosophy of offering integral childcare activities in cooperation with primary education, SKH is continuing to build its organisation by acquiring childcare businesses which are located in or near education sites.
  • March 2017Sale of Supergame and Biermann’s Bingo casino businesses

    We served as advisor to Ronmar, the family business of the Traarbach family based in Limburg, on the sale of the Limburg casino activities to Casino Admiral Holland, part of the Austrian Novomatic Group. Ronmar will be focussing more on new possibilities within the Dutch and Belgian gambling market, such as online gaming.
  • March 2017Sale of remaining interest in M&I Labtech

    After having served as advisor to the seller in 2015 on the sale of a majority interest in M&I Labtech to the co-shareholder in Dubai, Global Consultancy FZC, we also served as advisor to the seller on the sale of the remaining interest. M&I Labtech is a specialist in the (turnkey) realisation of laboratories and their maintenance and repair for, among others, the oil and gas industry and the petrochemical industry.
  • September 2016Royal FloraHolland sells Hobaho to Dümmen Orange

    We served as advisor to Royal FloraHolland on the sale of Hobaho Horti Groep, which is a bulb breeding specialist. The sale links up with the strategy of FloraHolland to focus more on its core activities (the bringing together of flower auction members).
  • June 2016 Sale of the Koninklijke Hesselink family business

    We served as advisor to the seller on the sale of this company which is involved in mausoleums, urn monuments, tombstones and natural stone.